Marco Manieri

Marco got his sound engineer education in London, at the School of Audio Engineering. After returning to Sweden he started to work as engineer or producer in different studios all over Sweden. He has also earned a lot of experience as a live engineer for bands like Eggstone and, coincidentally, The Mopeds.

Marco has a long and impressing list of productions behind him. He has produced the platinum selling debut album of the Ark, the Grammis award winning album by Paus and other artists like The Mo, Marit Bergman, Venus Outback, the Standards, Kristian Anttila, Sort Sol, Luciano Peirone, Dipper and Chocolate Barry.
Engineering credits include Docenterna, Hideki Kaji, the $1000 Playboys, Thåström, Eggstone and Suede, to name but a few.
Being a skilled programmer, he has also had the opportunity to make remixes for the Cardigans, The Corrs and Roxette, among others.
Marco takes care of our computers and he is always searching the internet for new equipment. Thanks to him our stack of compressors will never cease to grow.


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