GULAROOM DCWelcome to Gula Studion, the music recording company. The sounds of our studio have hopefully already reached you. This homepage will let you know more about the environment in which they were made.

The Gula concept is to offer high end vintage recording equipment coupled with modern hard disc recording and digital processing, all in a cozy and creative milieu. We provide recording spaces of different size, ceiling-height and coating, and a multitude of interesting instruments and microphones. This, combined with the warm Gula atmosphere, makes our studio the ideal place for creating great music. The studio has also been used for various films and videos, both in its own look and as a film studio with sets put up in the large recording space.

We are located in the southern Swedish town of Malmö, just off the bridge from  Copenhagen Denmark. The close environment of the studio is a nice old residential area in the Möllevången district, a vivid and multicultural 19th-century part of town, with many bars and restaurants.


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