David Carlsson

David is the bass player of the Mopeds and a genius at his trade. He has a solid musical education; he had ripped and played all Yngwie Malmsteen’s solos at the age of fifteen and he out-slapped all opponents when it came to bass racing. Later he took two years of studying jazz at Sweden’s foremost jazz school, Skurup’s Folkhögskola, where he also got to know Petter. He has his own hard jazz band, called Lim.

Our David has been working as an engineer at Gula Studion with rockers like Gluecifer, symph-horror band Circus Flabbergast and as co-producer on Doktor Kosmos. But it’s jazz recording that has been his main focus, working with acts such as Miriam Aïda, A Bossa Eletrica, Torben Waldorff, Mattias Carlson, P.A. Tollbom and Plunge.
His extreme talent for electric engineering has led him to become the Gula gizmo wizard. Apart from renovating and maintaining the gear, he has added a number of own designs, from guitar-amps to compressors. His famous Agealizer has already been reproduced and exported to other studios.
He is also a much respected and coveted mason.


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