Guys Using Loud Artefacts

HyllaThe story of Gula goes back to 1995, when the then famous Tambourine studio needed another recording facility. They settled for a space in what was originally built as a cigarette factory and purchased a Neve mixing console and a 2″ MCI tape recorder. The place was named “gula studion”, meaning the yellow studio, as there was already one that was more greenish.

Four years later the studio was bought by five in-house mercenaries. It was the Mopeds, a three-piece band that had recorded all their material in that studio complex alongside being session horn players. It was also Marco Manieri, producer and sound engineer, and it was batti, he too a sound engineer and producer. The five new owners refurbished and reorganised some and kept some, bought a hard disc recording system, and started lifting the old studio to new heights. The name Gula was kept, as so much fine music was already connected to it. The choice of instruments and audio equipment was upgraded and renovated, and new spaces were created for a greater variety of sound and atmosphere.

DSC_0963After three successful years it was time to move to larger premises. After looking around the Gula guys settled for an old printing facility at Rosenlundsgatan. Its location and size, generous ceiling height and its many windows made it an ideal place to build a studio. The work of transforming it into the new Gula began in October 2001 and the first sessions took place in March 2002. By then, only the Mothership was finished, so the performers had to put up with walking through a building site between sessions. That situation continued in diminishing extent until October 2002 when refurbishing was finished. However, we will never rest in our search for more cool furniture and art to keep the Gula atmosphere reaching even greater heights. Today the studio is one of Scandinavia’s finest. The big rooms, the collection of vintage mics, recording equipment and instruments, and the unique Gula atmosphere makes it attract sound-aware musicians from near and far.

The steady flow of musicians and performers has since kept us busy, from the truly famous international stars and groups to the very indipendent and everything inbetween. And they keep coming back for more.

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