Jens Lindgård

Jens is a producer/sound engineer/composer/musician. As a producer he has worked with artist such as Bonnie Pink, Ola Salo, Den Svenska Tystnaden, Ok Go, Uje Brandelius and Doktor Kosmos. As a sound engineer he has worked on a number of sessions with producer Tore Johansson, par example with Franz Ferdinand and Wild Beasts.

Being a Trombone session player together with Petter, he has played with many of the greats including Tom Jones, Timbuktu, Roxette, the Cardigans, Ulf Lundell and Saint Etienne. He has also played Bass with Martha Wainwright and Anouk and guitar with Nicole Atkins. Jens is also a member of Sweden’s greatest live act Timbuktu&Damn! and is often on tour. He has no formal music education but was once close to getting a master in architecture.

Jens and Petter has written music for films, TV-programmes and TV-commersials. They have also penned entertainment TV for children; the very popular Gabba Gabba.



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