Petter Lindgård

Petter works in GULA as musician/composer/producer and he also run all legal and economic matters at GULA.  Togehter with Jens he has written and recorded a lot of music for films, TV-programmes and TV-commersials. He mostly works with his own projects but when the feeling is right he mixes others music for example Chords (Loop state of mind), Little Dragon (Machine Dreams) and Britah (Clouds).

As a trumpet player Petter has played on recordings with Timbuktu, Chords, bob hund, Anouk, Cardigans, Tom Jones, Roxette, OkGo and many many more. He has also played drums on recordings with for example Nicole Atkins, Anouk, as animals and the mopeds.
Petter is also a member of Sweden’s greatest live act Timbuktu&Damn! and is often on tour.



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