Mothership1The Mothership is the bigger one of Gula’s studios. It’s built up around a large space with smaller adjacent rooms. The big room has a pine wood plank floor, irregular walls with different coating and sound diffusing surfaces and up to 4,5 m ceiling height.
Two rooms with different accoustic profile are connected to the big room with doors and windows for visual contact. There is the stone room with irregular stone walls and a big reverberant sound and the disco room that is thumpy and dry-sounding. Gula Studion also keeps a system of accoustic panels and screens so the accoustics of the rooms can be altered.

Mothacontrol2The control room of the Mothership houses a Neve 8014 console, ProTools HD and numerous preamps, compressors and instruments.

The 120 sq.m. Great Room with its pinewood floor and careful selection of wood, brick and absorbtive wall surfaces, gives the ideal ambience for large sounds such as drums, horn sections and any other instruments that need space to breathe. Most people also enjoy doing every part of their session, including vocals, in this room, as it never feels confined. It is large enough to fit a full string ensamble or equivalent. The large windows provide a generous amount of daylight, something that not every studio have to offer. This, coupled with Gula’s choise of first class instruments, makes the Mothership a place where anything is possible.

SH 1000

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